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Beethoven Piano Teacher Business Card

Beethoven’s Piano Studio is now open for business!

About this Business Card Design from Mea

This template for the Beethoven Piano Studio Business Card includes five lines for content. If you’re downloading the template and customizing the design on your own, then you’re free to add more lines, designs, ect.

Fonts for the Beethoven Piano Teacher Business Cards

This information is important because many fonts are free for personal use but not all fonts are free for commercial use. In order to use these fonts legally on your piano teacher business cards, you must purchase a license, then download and install the font. Please install the fonts before opening the the file.

Fonts Used for the Beethoven Piano Teacher Business Cards
  • Businko
  • Status


DIY Template

This template is geared specifically towards piano teachers and is available for free as a downloadable MS Publisher file. The font information is included, but you must purchase the license and then download the font(s) yourself before opening the file.

Installing Fonts

Installing fonts is incredibly easy.

Step 1

Search for the font in google. Many sites host font files. Just download the font file (.ttf file) or in some case, the zip file.

Step 2

Double check the license. If necessary, go to the site of the font creator and purchase a license.

Step 3

After downloading the font file (.ttf) just double click on the file. When the installation window comes up, press install. For zip files, just unzip the zip file and then double click on the ttf file(s).

And that’s it. Your new font is installed.


The easiest way to print these business cards is to export the file as a high quality pdf and then send it to your preferred print shop. Some places only except image files, so you must either save the file as a high quality image file or extract a high quality image from the pdf file.”

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