Thanks for stopping by follow piano teachers! I created this site to help other piano teachers find affordable, accessible, and appropriately themed business cards for their piano teaching business. Many of the designs are available for free. All you need to do is edit the templates in Microsoft Publisher. Some of the fonts do require a special license, but you’re more than welcome to use the fonts you already have on your computer or to use free fonts available online.

About Myself, Why Free, Rambles

My name is Mea and I teach piano in Alexandria. According to wikipedia there are quite a few places named Alexandria in the United States. There’s Alexandria, Virginia. There’s Alexandria, Kentucky. And of course… drum roll please… Louisiana!

I have a small studio there that I’m hoping will grow to a medium-sized and then a large-sized studio. In order to grow my studio I’ve been reading a lot of business books about successful piano teaching and one of the things mentioned a lot is to have business cards for your business.

And since I like to create things for myself I ended up spending hours and hours on the computer creating business cards just for fun. I’m not some graphic design expert (nor can I afford one!) so I’m offering these designs for free. Fell free to adapt them to fit your needs for your piano studio.

Happy Piano Teaching!